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Oslo (NO)

in collaboration with Zayne Armstrong
The fictional bar Cup presents the pilot episode of Days. It incldues commissioned works by 333 Boyz, Ulrike Buck, Bob Kil, Nicholas Korody and Elizabeth Ravn as sets and props. Through the production of the episode, we challenged ‘site specificity’ as an organizing principle by imitating the qualifications sought after in today’s job market. As flexible and adaptable as any digital nomad, our sets are made up of stretchy backdrops of real places (Aquarium, Möbel Olfe, Spätkauf 178 and St. Agnes) and textile ‘skins’ stretched over wooden armatures, allowing the elements to be folded into a suitcase and set up anytime and anywhere, whether it be an exhibition or a film studio abroad.

Read more on Ellinor Aurora Aasgaard & Zayne Armstrong’s website.
Images by Julie Hrnčířová
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