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Zum schönen Knie II
Berlin (DE)

in collaboration with Zayne Armstrong

curated by Roseline Rannoch

group show with Daphne Ahlers, biaritzzz, Mirak Jamal, Leonie Nagel, Roseline Rannoch, Elif Saydam, Alex Turgeon
“They tried crossing the street but at no point could they find a stoplight or the right moment in which the flow of traffic would stand still long enough to hasten over; they moved from segment to segment, counterclockwise towards the headlights of cars that would then get diverted to different parts of the city, exiting what calls itself the west, just one of many centers – but who could tell cardinal directions or what time it was after orbiting the island for a while:

it was 1777, a bend in the baroque axis on which the Hohenzollern were commuting between castles; it was 1830, the bend becoming a joint, the kneecap of the city, marching leg of Prussia; it was 1937, the knee twisted into a roundabout, one of the many megalomaniac contortions of fascist urban planning; it was 1945, the leg merely a stub, wasteland, until 1953, when a new type of city is commissioned, one that centers automobility, as if the murderous nation could accelerate and drive away from the guilt.“

-Christopher Wierling

Read the full text and more about the group show on the website of DoomSpa.

Images by Marlene Zoe Burz
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