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Zum schönen Knie I
Berlin (DE)

in collaboration with Zayne Armstrong

curated by Roseline Rannoch

group show with Daphne Ahlers, Marte Eknæs & Eknæs/Amstad, Frieder Haller, Alex Turgeon 
A group of inflatable textile sculptures powered by fans are shaped like figurative human bodies. Aesthetically they draw inspiration from Henry Moore's modernist sculptures. But where Moore's solid bronze sculptures are mostly reclining and relaxing, our sculptures, with their soft, light and foldable bodies, are non-stop working out. The contrast between our sculptures and Moore's reflects the development over the last 40 years, where work has gone from being predictable and safe to becoming increasingly uncertain and vulnerable. In this way, the work also reflect how contemporary labor policies, where concepts such as freedom and flexibility have been presented as advantages, in reality leave workers in increasingly vulnerable positions. The useless work of the textile sculptures make fun of this flexibility - without the power-connected fan, the sculptures have no independent structure to fall back on. The sculptures also double as extras in the world of Days.

Read more about the group show on the website of DoomSpa.

Images by Ink Agop 
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