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Granåsen Ski Centre,
Trondheim (NO)

in production   

in collaboration with Zayne Armstrong

Phonehenge takes its inspiration from Stonehenge. From a far it will look megalithic structure, but on closer interaction the three stones will be clearly legible as enlarged reproductions of cell phones in concrete, whose pixelated screens are colorful mosaic tile works.

We are interested in a public sculpture in the tradition of monuments, as something that points to a history that should not be forgotten, as a gesture to a future where things are different. In the spirit of Stonehenge as a site of communion with the heavens and the earth, we borrow this version of thinking about the monument: to erect a gateway that invites us to connect our memories to the present, and to bring these memories with us into the future. We want our sculpture to be a homage to the resources that have been sacrificed for the sake of the community, while also not overlooking the inestimable value of technology as a contemporary form of togetherness.

The jury’s statement:
The sculpture's large dimensions make it an eye-catcher for visitors on their way into the park via central entrance routes, inviting them to stay and wonder in the green areas, adding identity to the place as a meeting place. The proposal manages to illuminate the relationship between humans and technology and nature through elements of nostalgia, irony and surprise. This adds a seriousness and playfulness to a facility consisting of tight infrastructure in the face of forest and field.

Public Art
Rendering by Dorian Cani
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