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TV Gardener
NKR - Neue Kunstraum
Düsseldorf (DE)

in collaboration with Zayne Armstrong

curated by Anne Schülke, Detlef Klepsch

group show with Alisa Berger, Ale Bachlechner & Jonathan Kastl & Felix Zilles-Perels

“The exhibition TV Gardeners is loosely and freely associated with Nam June Paik's environment "TV Garden" (1977) and shows three contemporary video works: "Studio Hallo" by Ale Bachlechner, Jonathan Kastl and Felix Zilles-Perels, "Days" by Ellinor Aurora Aasgaard and Zayne Armstrong and "NFTURE" by Alisa Berger.

In Paik's environment, television sets and plants meet as representatives of technology and nature, which come together in a contemplative garden scene. In "TV Gardeners", the plants have disappeared and visitors are invited to follow the process of deconstructing television: The installations by Bachlechner/ Kastl/ Zilles-Perels and Aasgaard/ Armstrong expand and dismantle studio, message, plot, characters, reference and meaning. Berger shows a reorganization and dismantling of image and sound in the digital data stream.”

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Images by Johannes Bendzulla
© 2023 Ellinor Aurora Aasgaard