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Missed Connections
2020, 10 min

animation by Mario Campos Castellano /

music by Ellinor Aurora Aasgaard, Caroline McCarthy, Stix Omar

voice acting by Rb E Moran, Andreas Brenner, Donedeal2, Glatttamama, Dolly_donut
“Missed Connections leads one through a Kafkaesque, gamified universe, motivated by a child’s instinct to bolt. The title implies something lost, referencing divergence and separation, which is reinforced visually by the film’s setting inside an aircraft: a real, suspended place of transience. The genderless child scoots alone through evolving scenes, bombarded with brand names and adult situations, building a sense of confusion and disorientation for both the protagonist and viewer, not unlike playing a new computer game for the first time. Using the naivety of childhood as a lens through which to perceive the Anthropocene in a particular way, Aasgaard illuminates the absurd and hopeless. Bookending the film are scenes of anthropomorphised rubbish. A mother-figure embodying a shampoo bottle speaks to our imploded ecological situation. With the tropical slogan that reads “ORGANIC – NATURAL,” we are reminded that organic is now something made from plastic.”

-Phoebe Emerson (excerpt from the catalogue of the exhibition It's Just a Phase, curated by Rhea Dall and Elmgreen & Dragset)

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