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Kinderhook & Caracas
Berlin (DE)

in collaboration with Elizsbeth Ravn

curated by Sol Calero, Christopher Kline

group show with Anna M. Szaflarski, Nigin Beck, Sayuri Chetti, Stephanie Comilang, Zora Mann, Philip Wiegard, Bob Kil, The Society for Matriarchal World Domination (featuring Selin Davasse & Zoë Claire Miller)
“After several postponements due to the pandemic we are pleased to present the third and final Module of Merzbau-Garten featuring integrated furniture from futures past transposed onto a total wishing well where potentially lazy ants cry from onions.  Meanwhile an online craft network comes to life, scaled down sculptures charm the nooks and corners, and an epic poem is delivered from a matriarchal future.

Merzbau-Garten is a collaborative project which is growing over the course of three modules by combining the work, concepts and labor of various Berlin-based artists, writers, and designers. Inspired in part by Kurt Schwitters' Merzbau, the space at Kinderhook & Caracas is organically accumulating architectural interventions, art works and plant life over the course of the year, meanwhile manifesting in a parallel, non-linear publication with contributions from all of the participants.  A program of encounters accompanies the physical exhibition.”

Images by Joe Clark
© 2023 Ellinor Aurora Aasgaard