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Oslo (NO)

In collaboration with Veljko Markovic

commissioned by Kulturretaten and UKS
In the neighborhood Lambertseter, Lambertseterportalen connects several local communities. Aasgaard and Markovic's interactive work is placed in an axis that connects a local school, kindergarten and youth club, thus forming a hub between these public institutions in the open-air area in the Lambertseter park.

Lambertseterportalen is a freestanding structure with a triangular ground plan that resonates with a pavilion as a building form. The kinetic revolving doors in glass and steel form the core of the work, and from an imaginative perspective can be seen as an adventurous portal. Both as a threshold situation in the transition between an outdoor space and indoors, and in a more imaginative sense, where the revolving doors enable change and transformation from one state to another.

Lambertseterportalen was one of seven winning proposals in a sketch competition for art in public spaces and open spaces connected to kindergartens, which was announced in collaboration between the City of Oslo and the Young Artists' Society (UKS). The project was selected for Oslo Architecture Triennial 2022.

Read more on the website of the City of Oslo
Public Art
Images by Istvan Virag
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