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Eckbos Jubileumsutstilling
The Vigeland Museum
Oslo (NO)

in collaboration with Zayne Armstrong

group show with Einar Grinde, Andrea Scholtze, Lin Wang
The Grind, a cacophonous kinetic installation representing an automated cafe, questions the construct of ‘optimisation’. ;  to the point where mechanical sculptures replace both the producers and consumers of cafe culture. A central figure of the work is our version of "Venus de Milo" to whom we’ve given arms, so that she can get back to work.  Quilted pixelated landscapes, hypnotic latte art and a functionaless conveyor-belt describe the inner psychological state of the digital nomad, for whom the co-working cafe is a nightmarish theme park.

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Images by Jon Gorospe
© 2023 Ellinor Aurora Aasgaard