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Kling & Bang
Reykjavik (IS)

in collaboration with Zayne Armstrong

group show with Joakim Derlow
Inspired by Agnes Martin's minimalism, the tradition of trompe-l'œil, and what takes place on mattresses (sleep, dreams, sex, work, depression, etc.), these mattresses are presented as a series of paintings. Each has some sort of staining or remnant of its use (one is an imagining of the urine of someone who ate a whole gobstopper/jawbreaker; another is a huge melted popsicle; another is the battery acid from exploded personal electronics; one is alphabet soup puked up roughly in the shapes of continents; another imagines the mattress that the demonically possessed girl lives on in “The Exorcist”. The audience can move between the mattress paintings in a way that invites the illusion that they are suddenly lying in bed, where they can get the feeling of sleeping standing up or working on the edge of the bed.

You also find a sound installation comprising three paintings and a sound piece. The paintings are ‘restoration’ paintings made directly on printed sheets of a raptor from “Jurassic Park”, and on Elsa from “Frozen“ and on a minion from “Despicable Me” -- reminiscent of the naive “botched” restoration of Ecce Homo by Elias Garcia Martinez in Spain, popularized in media around 2013. The audio piece is primarily a spoken dialog between Elsa and the raptor, played through speakers behind the sheet paintings. The dialog is punctuated by long pauses where the minion sleeps with snores and some spoken minionese dialog as if from its sleep, which wakes Elsa and the raptor and they work from being strangers to Elsa giving the raptor advice about her acting career, to the raptor stealing Elsa’s next acting gig, to them fighting it out, and resolving it through mutual feelings of being trapped.

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