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Another Day, Another Drama
Passerelle Centre d'art contemporai
Brest (FR)

In collaboration with Bror Sander Berg Størseth,
as Aurora Sander

curated by Etienne Bernard
This immersive exhibition takes the framework of a horse jumping course, mirroring the repetitive nature of Groundhog Day. Each obstacle doubles as a unique sculpture, capturing daily routines—from the refreshing morning shower to indulging in junk food on an empty stomach, and the less-than-pleasant drunken taxi ride home. The portrait paintings of horses serve dual roles, symbolizing both horses competing in the show jumping and extras in the story that unfolds.

“The show looks at the state of satire, not only in art, but western culture at large in this particular neoliberal moment gone amok and facing political repercussions. The emergence of ‘’bullshit jobs’’ (Aug 17, 2013 - On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs by David Graeber) and the plight of the freelancer come into play, as a kind of protagonist in the neoliberal regime. The show is like a broad comedy, it speaks in generality and platitudes to achieve sincerity and heart. The ability to make everything int
o a joke is offset by the labor, performance (Leistung) and time-commitment that is put into the work.“
-Mikael D. Brkic
images by Aurélien Mole
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